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This animation is part of the "Taïga Maya" DVD
There is quite a saga behind it as it started, many years ago, with a sketch I made on a beautiful music by L'Arpeggiata
Thierry Van Roy took that clip on a trip to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia, Siberia) where he searched for remaining shaman in order to record their songs. He showed the muted clip to one of them, Stepanida Borissova
Stepanida watched the silent video several times, then improvised a song to/for it, while Thierry, a sound engineer by trade, recorded the whole thing.
He sent me the recording which really hit me, forcing me (with much pleasure) to modify the original images to try to serve the power of Stepanida's singing
I made a search on Stepanida and discovered that she had worded with Western musicians before, notably with Hubl Greiner and Luigi Archetti
Their "TranceSiberia" CD immediately appealed to me so I contacted Hubl (we discovered we had several friends and collaborators in common) to ask permission to use one of the tracks on that CD.
It gave birth to "Barastylahyyœ"
I burned that clip to a DVD and sent it to Hubl, thinking it would be the end of it (as is the case with many of my pieces, I considered it a sketch). A few months later, Hubl told me he had been invited to present, with Stepanida, a "Shaman Music Concert" during the "Al Bustan Festival" in Beirut, Lebanon. He asked if he could use that DVD to promote the concert, which I of course agreed to
A few days later, I received a phone call from the Al Bustan Festival director, inviting me to Beirut for the festival (which also featured an exhibition of prints of a selection my digital images). It also gave me the opportunity to take part in the concert with images, one of my early live performances
Later on, Hubl thought that the material I had created for the Beirut concert would work well with another CD of his, "Inemuri"
I wholeheartedly agreed with him and eventually made a film by the same name (shown in 3 parts on Vimeo):,
But back to "Jaguar:" Thierry Van Roy incorporated Stepanida's improvised song on my images into what became Jaguar, with lyrics written and sung by Melanie Gabriel.
I brought together images from "Barastylahyyœ" and "Sogna Sakha 2005" mixed with bits of videos shot in Mexico and Siberia (videos taken by Thierry while on his search for material for "Taïga Maya").
The "Taïga Maya" box-set (DVD, CD and book) is available from various vendors, as for example at Amazon

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