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Jean Detheux's Videos (231)

  • Malheur me bat

    Malheur me bat

    Haunting music composed by Antonio de Cabezón, beautifully interpreted by Paola Erdas (http://www.p… Jean Detheux Oct 23, 2018 14 views

  • Pavana glosada (v. 2)

    Pavana glosada (v. 2)

    This is the second version of this piece, with music magnificently interpreted by Paola Erdas (http… Jean Detheux Oct 15, 2018 17 views

  • Toccata Quarta (v. 6)

    Toccata Quarta (v. 6)

    This is the 6th version of a sketch done with this magnificent music so beautifully interpreted by… Jean Detheux Oct 8, 2018 13 views

  • La Romanesca

    La Romanesca

    Music by Antonio Valente magnificently interpreted by Paola Erdas ( This… Jean Detheux Oct 5, 2018 17 views

  • Gavotte 1 Facebook

    Gavotte 1 Facebook

    This is an image sequence done with QuickTime Pro 7.x (how could Apple ever contemplate ditching Qu… Jean Detheux Aug 12, 2018 13 views

  • Effluence


    This is the fifth piece done in collaboration with Charles Coleman. An album with our work can be s… Jean Detheux Aug 3, 2018 18 views



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