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[Single] Trippy Jay 'In My Bag'

Trippy "First of all much love and respect for all my fans and people that believed in me with my dreams. I can Honestly say they are coming True. I'm signed with Absolute entertainment (@absolute_ent) with out them I don't think I could have gotten so far so fast. It's more than just business with us it's family! I'm pushing two Singles right now "all in my bag " and "water whip". Streaming on all platforms, you can follow me @mwt.trippy on IG . Best way I can describe who I am is through my… Continue

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Denham Pushes The First Batch Of Environmentally Friendly Tannins

DENHAM is a Dutch denim brand operated by the Heki Group. DENHAM's denim fabrics are from the world-renowned Italian fabric manufacturer Candiani. It has a high resilience and skin-friendly comfort. It is favored by denim lovers. DENHAM has been working with fabric manufacturers. Candiani maintains a good relationship.

Just in August of this year, DENHAM took the first bus of Candiani Kitotex® new technology and took the lead in launching the first environmentally…


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Time Line es una función en la que aparecen dos sliders o barras de forma triangular en azul,…


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23 District Autumn Matching Recommended Guide

Unconsciously, it has arrived in September, the temperature has dropped step by step, and the temperature difference between day and night has Newchic Coupon…


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Se trata de una línea de investigación que versa sobre las implicaciones y aplicaciones a través del discurso social de la visión actual del progreso de la música popular urbana.…


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[Single] @itsVain 'U Need Luv'

Check out this NEW VAIN track, “U Need Luv,” which follows up his smash hit,”Break Up 2 Make Up,” with Love & Hip Hop NY Star and R and B Diva Lil Mo. “ U Need Luv” is a spin off of the Classic LLCoolJ Jam, “I Need Love.”

[Featured Artist] @itsVain 'U Need Luv'

Vain who also hails from Queens, NY keeps it Very Sexy as he puts his own lyrical twist on this classic Slow Jam!! If your sexy and you know it make sure you check out this new VAIN track, “U Need Luv.”

You can… Continue

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Integrafia.Sistema integrado de gestión del conocimiento aplicado.Psicotecnografia

La visión de la realidad entendida como manifestación de la diversidad de formas de actividad y experiencia que dan lugar a…


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Percussive Image Gestural System (and the AlgoCurator)... new updated videos, writing, and everything else... ; (Go there for videos, writing, show list, etc.) 

Updated videos, writings, list of live shows, etc., on this research/performance project I've been working on for several years. In its latest version, there's a nod to Stan VanDerBeek's 1960s utopian vision of the Culture:Intercom. Could YouTube, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, have held the answer within it all along? ;-)

PIGS is a…


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[Single] @HaPhuongArtist 'Memories of Love'

Ha Phuong, a petite dynamo with a huge heart and a big name in her native Vietnam, now a deeply entrenched New Yorker!!  An accomplished actress, singer, philanthropist and movie producer. She is more determined than ever to help make the world a better place, inspired by her not only her daughters but her childhood in Vietnam.

[Single] @HaPhuongArtist 'Memories of Love'
Ha Phuong is one of three daughters in a musical family.  Ha Phuong discovered the power of using her talents as a singer, dancer and… Continue

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[Mixtape] @SuspensJr 'Youngest in Charge'

"Youngest In Charge" is a collection of Suspens Jr's best musical pieces. This is the young artist first official project since his debut album "Thirteen" [January 13th 2017] and fills the gap between that project and his second studio album (title has not yet been release to the public) which is scheduled to be release January 13th 2019.…

[Mixtape] @SuspensJr 'Youngest in Charge'


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La integrafia constituye una nueva disciplina que versa sobre las nuevas implicaciones y aplicaciones de los productos o meta contenidos derivados de las reacciones interfuncionales que emergen del ejercicio de los aglomerados simultáneos de estímulos sonoros,visuales y motores.

El proceso sinestesico apunta…


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[Single] @305Razor 'Bootyful'

Razor, is an actor, singer/song writer & producer from Miami, FL. As a producer, Razor has quite an impressive resume producing tracks for both local up-and-coming artists as well as some of the industry’s hottest names including Ice Berg, Rick…


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[Single] @Gutta_Slim 'GO Live'

Gutta Slim

Please click below to read Gutta Slims Bio AND his GO Live Radio interview with

"Dem Damn Dawgs"

Gutta Slim Bio



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Visual Music Masters - New Book

Visual Music Masters

Hard cover

175 Pages

100 Color illustrations

50 B&W illustrations

Skira Publisher


What are the connections between sounds and abstract images? What were the first audiovisual instruments? How did music influence Kandinsky’s work? What are the most significant audiovisual installations? What relationship is there between VJs and live…


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[Single] @Louie_Da_13th 'Want Too'

Louie Da 13th IS BACK, like he never left. Dropping this second single for YOU the fans! Louie says there are LOTS of new projects in the works, including some videos, an album & MORE!! So STAY TUNED!! …[Single] @Louie_Da_13th 'Want Too'


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[Mixtape] Seddy Hendrinx - Death B4 Dishonor , Loyalty Over Everything

Florida Boy Intertainment presents Seddy Hendrinx "Death B4 Dishonor , Loyalty Over Everything" the latest offering from this rising star, make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement. [Mixtape] Seddy Hendrinx - Death B4 Dishonor , Loyalty Over Everything




Twitter -…


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[Mixtape] Warrior Wes - Until Now

South Carolina rapper Warrior Wes drops off his new project Until Now presented by Dirty Glove Bastard. The 9-track EP features some of Wes' best work in his catalog mixed in with some new tracks as well including the lead single "Bet It Up". He's currently working on a new project that is due…


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Los distintas conformaciones y configuraciones en que se materializa en la experiencia cotidiana, la nueva disciplina, en la que se incluyen el meta procesado de habilidades instrumentales y de tipo operacional que da soporte y textura a las manifestaciones…


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[Mixtape] Mieo - Mieo's World

1803 Records Presents Yung Mieo "Mieo's World". This album delivers a fresh new sound with lots of energy on every track that makes this album a fun ride thru the life of a Young Mogul, Artist and CEO. With stellar production, clever wordplay and a fresh delivery Mieo is making a case for longevity and proves on each track why he is not only here, hes here to stay, Step into "Mieo's World".…

[Mixtape] Mieo - Mieo's World


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