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Music improvised in concert on themes by Igor Stravinsky by pianists Igor Tkachenko and Yakov Yakoulov, two exceptional musicians.

The whole concert, held at Jordan Hall in Boston in 2009, was segmented in 12 videos which can be seen here, starting with Part 1:

This is a very special piece for me, the first one in a series of live visual improvisations, in preparation for forthcoming "images - music" concerts.

Enjoying the use of the "GLMixer"created "for me" by my friend Bruno Herbelin (, with a "Spark D-fuser" crossfader ( and two Macs, I am more and more able now to generate and mix video sequences in real-time, and dialog with music in ways I have never experienced until now.

This piece was done mostly in real-time, and the image stream recorded/captured , there is little editing involved.

Working this way forces me into territory I would hardly explore while editing “only”, so many fortuitous accidents, so many discoveries!

This brings me a lot closer to my former life as a painter, this is what I most want to do, where I want to go, where I want to be, and given there are live images - music concerts in my not too distant future, this is very very timely, and so very inspirational!

Here’s an album of works done in collaboration with Igor Tkachenko:

Please consider supporting my work (VERY MUCH in need of support these days). You can make donations via PayPal, starting from here : (this type of work receives very little help, if any, from the usual channels).
Thank you

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