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Self-contained silent visual music #4

As a painter, it seems to me that most digital works suffer from several problems: their appearance seems rooted in a worldview (weltanschauung) which naively believes that photo-realism is a faithful “model” of how one sees “the world” (akin to what Edmund Husserl called “ontologizing”) and, aggravating that, the dialogue of the images with themselves and their pictorial space, how they create and articulate that space, makes them appear as if inhabiting a small section of something larger, something larger one cannot see.

This is true of most work, be it figurative or “abstract.”

Few people are aware of the enormous difference between experimental and experiential work, that difference is at the core of what I am here talking about (more on that soon).

Here are two quotes I highly value, very much related to what I am talking about:
“Realism is balderdash! The problem with it is that it's got nothing to do with reality!” (Alberto Giacometti)
“Composition is twofold: first here is the composition of the whole, then there is the composition of the various parts, subordinated to the whole." (Vasily Kandinsky)

This piece is another sketch exploring ways to create a self-contained image while modulating it in time.
First one is here:
Second one is here:
Third one is here:
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