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This is an image sequence done with QuickTime Pro 7.x (how could Apple ever contemplate ditching QuickTime?), image sequence done with/from a Facebook album of images extracted from ”Les Folies d'Espagne” (
That Facebook album is here:
For quite some time, I have been using Facebook in ways a bit similar to how John Cage used the I Ching (see other examples of that approach here:
The last time I met John Cage (early 80s, long story), we parted remarking how much more satisfying work obtained “by accident” (or “unintentionally”) was to us when compared to intentional doing (question was, is: “How does one work unintentionally intentionally?").
Many of the great ones knew/know this, “working-by-way-of-not-knowing” seems to be the (only) way to go. When one restricts the possibilities to what one already knows, it is like working/living in a self-imposed prison.
The fallacy of most Art school-based education is to make students believe that once they know how to do “whatever”, it will be clear sailing forever after.

Please consider supporting my work (VERY MUCH in need of support these days). You can make donations via PayPal, starting from here : (this type of work receives very little help, if any, from the usual channels).
Thank you

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