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This is another sketch prompted by the impact its music had on me.
"Sketching" is for me like a liberation, a form of daily breathing (and breathing "right" at that), not trying to make "finished/polished pieces," not making anything "special," just getting involved with something that moves me, serving it as best I can, without turning the experience into a "do or die" ordeal or a bout of "techno-plumbing.".

"Just sketching while hearing with my eyes..."

Alberto Caeiro/Fernando Pessoa ( said something that conveys what I am trying to say:


I don’t bother with rhyme. Rarely
Are two trees the same, one beside the other.
I think and write like flowers have color
But with less perfection in my way of expressing myself
Because I lack the divine simplicity
Of wholly being only my exterior.

I see and I’m moved,
Moved the way water runs when the ground is sloping
And what I write is as natural as the rising wind...

The music is by Dietrich Buxtehude, the Alleluia of his BuxWV 15 cantata.
Sung by the Ensemble Accentus (, with the Concerto Köln ( conducted by Laurence Equilbey (

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