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This is the second piece done in collaboration with Igor Tkachenko.

The first one is here:

Igor composed this music as a tribute to Astor Piazzolla, and what a tribute it is!
(He is also at the piano, with Victor Sobolenko on the cello.)

The images attempt to dialogue with the music, trying to stay in that “global listening space" in which one may lean a bit towards the melody or the accompaniment, but doing one’s best to hear the whole music as much as is possible.

A word of caution: the original movie is an Apple ProRes 4444 file, in HD 1080p, weighing in at about 33 GB.
It has been down-sampled to 720p and medium quality h.264, reading at about 4.3 GB in order to respect the 5 GB file size limit that comes with my Vimeo Plus account.
Vimeo then took that 4.3 GB file and chewed it down to a mere 277 MB file.

It’s easy to imagine how much the images have lost in the process.

But the h.264 file is available for download, please get it if you care to have a better idea of the complexity of these images (even if that file has 8 times less data than the original).

Please consider supporting my work (VERY MUCH in need of support these days). You can make donations via PayPal, starting from here : (this type of work receives very little help, if any, from the usual channels).
Thank you

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