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  • Accretion


    Accretion (2016) is inspired by the extremely violent processes that characterize the universe as w… Tags: Kuiper, Belt ΛRTVR Aug 10, 2016 32 views

  • Transmission


    © Video & Sound: Λrtvr Soundtrack: Tags: music, audiovisual ΛRTVR Aug 10, 2016 25 views

  • TreeLink


    TreeLink Music, Poetry, and Images by Otto Laske Duration 14:16 minutes 2012 TreeLink is based on… Tags: poetry, visual Otto Laske Dec 8, 2012 13 views

  • Terminal


    Fanfarrosa is a mexican composer that constructed the musical piece. The music was then passed to D… Tags: video, music Diego Delmar Jun 29, 2012 31 views



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