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Temporal sHIFT (visual interpretation of Ég anda by Sigur Ros)

Temporal sHIFT
(Jim Ellis' visual interpretation of the song “Ég anda” by Sigur Ros)

Space Hacking by echo-sculpting vibrating light and shadow with shifting focal points in recursively-seeded temporally-modified elements. The simple limitations are the boundaries of the oscillating framework in which emotion and thought can be conveyed through intuitively derived variations in harmonic relationships within frequency and amplitude. The nuance of a life communicating through an expanding and contracting progression of slightly varied repetitions that releases thought and expression through a slice in motion that is the present tangible moment. The specifics of which are subjective and at the creative disposal of the imagination of any given person who internalizes and deciphers the sensory information of this audio/visual work.

This piece was created to be both experienced with AND without “Anaglyph-3D Red /Blue glasses”. If you have them there 3D glasses, try them on if you wish. Red-lens to the Left Eye. Blue lens on the Right. If you don't have them there fancy glasses then go ahead and watch it without em. You can rest assured knowing that this was created for BOTH scenarios and may provide at least two separate and unique 3D viewing experiences. You may also prefer to watch this piece small or in full screen mode, knowing that any viewing size was designed to be valid and slightly unique. However please insure that the sound is up so that you can hear the song that inspired the creation of the visual side of this work.


Visuals: Jim Ellis
All images copyright Jim Ellis 9-10-2012

Music: Sigur Ros
Song: Ég anda
Album: Valtari

Software: TouchDesigner77

length: 6:16

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