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6EQUJ5 [Aleatoric Noise|Live Sampling|Ambient Drone] ~ Gen Thalz

Aleatoric Noise|Ambient Drone|Live Sampling ~ Gen Thalz

Warning: Some sound/s in this audio-video presentation may not be suitable or good for your ears. Listener discretion is advised.

Track: 6EQUJ5
Genre: Electronic
Style: aleatoric, noise, drone
Video Style: dark, glitch, psychedelic

Part 2 of our exploration combining tape loop, skipping cd, and loopception which results to a more atmospheric and sound textural way. The setup is just the same with the first one, we just reassemble the wires and didn't use the DIY Ring Modulator.

Most of the sound here is from skipping cd recorded randomly to a tape loop (23cm long) on a walkman tape recorder then resampled it with a sampler/looper to make it more interesting, atleast for us.

While the feedback from a loopcetion is droning effortlessly, we also resampled some sound it produced and mix it together with the others to make some sound layering.

The voice who looks angry talking in the background is an unknown evangelist preaching about God, obviously that we encounter after a several AM station tuning on a mini-cassette radio, we just need a steady spoken words here to jam with, and he did not disappoint us haha! It is also interesting to note how by chance his radio program ended in-sync with our recording ending.

All sounds is recorded using an analog 4 track tape recorder. Mixdown using DAW.


- Discman

- Walkman with Tape Recorder

- Mini-Cassette Radio

- Sampler/Looper

- DIY Passive 3x3 Matrix Mixer

- 6 Channel Analog Mixer

The video is a footage of the equipment we used shot using a digicam. We processed those clips to synthesized it and to match the textural sound of the audio. As usual for us, it is very organic how it came out.

"The Cosmic Giggle is... A randomly roving zone of synchronicity and statistical anomaly. Should you be caught up in it. It will turn reality on its head. It is objective and subjective. Simultaneously 'really there' and yet somehow sustained by imagination and expectation..." ~ Terence Mckenna [shaman/ethnobotanist/psychonaut]

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