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Tape Loop|Skipping CD|Loopception ~ Gen Thalz

Tape Loop|Skipping CD|Loopception

Track: Eight Equals Zero
Genre: Electronic
Style: minimal techno, aleatoric,noise house
Experimenting with tape loop, skipping cd, and loopception (feedback loop within a feedback loop). No synthesizer, drum machine or any acoustic and traditional instrument was used. Recorded straight using an old digicam, eq and volume boost using DAW.

We call it "aleatoric" because of how the nature of the sounds in this experiment was created - by chance.

For example the malfunctioning or skipping sound from the cd player. The discman itself determines when and how it would play those affected area that we burned (you can just scratch or paint it if you like ;D) unless we click "pause" which on the otherhand emits a beeping tones by default that we really like.

The kick drum sound projecting a 4/4 beat. Again, by chance. Purely made out of feedback signal creating a pulsating sound that we harness by accident through random tweaking of the knobs and patching cables to in/out from a loopception consisting of an 6 channel analog mixer, DIY passive 3x3 matrix mixer, and DIY ring modulator.

Lastly, the rest of the sound is from 3 cassette tape loop (23cm long). These 3 cassette tapes have different loop sound - random noises from a radio, i.e. white noise, static, commentators, etc. Done by switching the selector (no timing at all) of the mini-cassette from tape to radio, Am to Fm, and tuning a station simultaneously while in record mode. It is very random what sounds will be recorded to the tape loop. Another thing here is, we played the tape loop on mini-cassette by fading in/out the volume and it decides what part of the loop will be heard. The multitrack tape recorder slowed down its loop via pitch control, while walkman played its tape loop as is.

You can also hear a sampled sound of our voice murmuring "Eight Equals Zero" repeatedly. It was played, sliced, chopped, and resample using a sampler/looper.

Hardware used:

- Mini-Cassette Radio

- Walkman with tape recorder

- Discman

- DIY Passive 3x3 Matrix Mixer

- DIY Ring Modulator

- Sampler/Looper

- 4 Track Tape Recorder

- 6 Channel Analog Mixer

The visual is a combination of datamoshing and video granular synthesis. We say granular because some parts of the video was made from a small very short frame we cut from a videoclip (us walking inside an arcade center) and clone it repeatedly to create a loop almost like a gif. While the datamosh part is done by cutting an equal part of the said videoclip into 2 then mix and render the two again using DAW to create a psychedelic glitch effects.

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