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The vision and practice of graphic abstraction has been an interesting development because of the incorporation of current technological tools that include new features for the treatment of various parameters that constitute the load of graphic materials. -Interfaces Work, integrating all necessary for optimal conditions modulated digital graphic operations units.
Visual -Interfaces that tackle, at operational level and work, l processing attributes of each of the elements or content that make up the visual process.
-Software With a comprehensive approach that includes the ability to act on the different factors affecting the presentation of graphical content and its easy modification and definition.

From the beginnings of contemporary musical graphics and the development of visual music, comes a great interest in experimentation in the field of graphic expression of sound, considered a line of research that has attempted to obtain valuable input to achieve progress on the best knowledge of everything related to the inter-sensory integration, intermodal and synesthesia.

Parallel to the work on the graphic and visual representation of the results of algorithmic processes such as fractals, and appearance of programming languages inspired by these ideas, what works based on the scan are added the views inspired by the geometry to achieve stunning visual results.

The relationship between music, geometry and logic, has a significant presence in the story and it is the need to overcome the shortcomings, which have been proven as a result of this combination, for a better understanding of the true relationship between knowledge and reality, what has inspired me to propose an alternative approach might be called Techno-graphics.

Based on the integration of the implications and applications of graphics and considerations suggested by authors such as Kupka, Malevich, Kandinsky, the Delaunay, Fissinger, among others, as these authors have developed theoretical and graphic materials are a source inspiration of incalculable importance to reach new conclusions in this direction, and including the integration of knowledge and experiences, from research mentioned above.

The techno-graphics is based on the consideration of sound as empty content, intermediary with the visual and has its own dynamic world, which means an unchecked and discontinuity with current thinking position, a position based on the search for answers, aa efforts to reach a synthesis that transcends the limitations of language of rational philosophy, through the development of a new theory of the new features of graphics.


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