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(Translated and edited by Timothy B Layden

Self-interactive related terms:PSICOSONOGRAPHY, SYNLOGIC, SYNGRAPHICS,

These refer to the theoretical conceptualisation, proposed here through an
explanatory model, of an inter-modal nature for the development of conduct,
bringing forth genuine self control by means of effective, regulated and
structured activities.
Sound encapsulates multiple interrogators, whose clarification demand an
ordered undertaking as it forms an integrated instrumental process, which
simultaneously include a motor and a visual dimension -characteristic of
responses to reactions derived from the execution, interpretation, translation and
projection of compositions created within this environment. Despite the appeal of
the theoretical value and creative quality of acoustic instruments, it tends to be
very difficult to distinguish their cadency regarding what is understood, and
produces understanding or codification, of the consequences and effects of interstimulation
The following must be established as principal characteristics in proposing
- A. COMPOSITION. Elaboration of a series of sequences of sound and
graphic schemes.
- B. VALUEING. Protocols – documenting collected results of actions taken.
- C. EXERCISE. Practice through Verbal, visually illustrated, kinaesthetic,
written and sound expression
- D. PRODUCTIVITY – Management of idea development
- E. TAKING NOTE. Graphic representation.
The attributions of internal structural relationships of interactive nature in
settings designed for integrated inter-sensory stimulation are of great theoretical
and practical importance for the following:
They can help bring out the appeal of the relevance of the graphic pattern
imaging that represent the effects of the stimulation by means of sound
The organization of sound elements in the correct order and timing with
the different phases of the exercises within the process of composition, i.e.
using the graphic pattern imaging resulting from the sound-graphics for
what could be understood as derivatives of the field of movementreferences
are based on the results of the neo –inter-gestural graphic


The specific task that this demands is the graphic representation of
sequenced sound effects and/or the continues trajectory of their process of
The use of the previous graphic patterns produced in the same manner may
serve as a guideline for the composition of a new sound sequence, i.e. previous
listening and simultaneous visualisation sequences already elaborated using this
criteria used as a foundation for the patterns to which a simple sound or graphic
composition is applied.
The participation in developmental experiences of inter-stimulation with
complex materials, such as sound and graphics can play a decisive role in
creating the day to day experience facilitating improvements in the quality of life
by developing transversal cognitive goals.


The general application of the Inter-modal Theory entails the basic
concepts of the instrumental basis of the inter-modal process derived from an
integrated approach to reality via sound, graphics and movement interacting in
favourable conditions for the access of developmental abilities.
This innovative type of experience and activity has a characteristic
transversal aim, and for this reason it compliments scientific and technological
training. It contributes to collective discourse, useful as a references in social
development, as it integrates contemporary contributions from disparate
disciplines -resulting in a clarification of inter-.applications for the use of
structures and techniques, as well as advances in the science of knowledge,
including benefits to technological environments. The process of productive intersensory
exercise allows for design related to consumption and lifestyles that
harmonize the quality of individual developmental projects within the eco-psychocollective
discourse, wherein the practitioner should acquire personal abilities
pertinent to the collective frame work of techno-cultures
The simultaneous production of sequenced sound, graphic patterns and
structured movement, (Sound graphic movement) demands a unique setting, simple yet
complete, within a productive mechanism conducive of enriching systems of efficient
activities in non-stereotypical environments.
The product and further results of Inter-modal activity in the appropriate Synlogic
environment are variable, as they deal with a surprisingly well ordered dynamic set of
organized criteria.
This withstands the premise that the environment allows for series of activities which
can be characterised by criteria valuing them by functions from an undeniable and real
centre of involved development, assuring productive potential in registering complex
stimuli that transcend the stereotypical environments.

As a result the inter-modal ethic can be a conducive for explaining and facilitating
the evolution of individual and collective psychology with consequences particularly
establishing a healthy mental state and developing successful achievements in daily life.
This environment deals with methods of process which initiate new kinds of
activities and experiences in a useful environment practicing complex yet achievable
tasks which provide a sense of fulfilment.


A tentative affirmative, lucid, positive and open senses sits in the logical
integrated results produced by inter-sensory-immersion:
The psychosonogrpahy of synlogic is the simultaneous use of sound and
graphic elements with movement, presented within descriptively
explained, organized criteria and ordered functions.
The resulting product is based on a sensitive technological material support
system, and made up of graphics created by bodily movement influenced by
sequenced sounds.
Experimentation surrounding the theme of inter-sensory-immersion and
production looking at individual differences, e.g. comparing different patterns
regardless of relative norms to new modals for managing knowledge. This can be
applied as part of an integrated approach to processing the implications of
This mode of activity and experience allows access or connection with new influential
possibilities for a better understanding and management of non-stereotypical reality.


Acquisition of abilities for involved development in open environments facilitating
the simple codifying of exercises or personal activity, using new media
characterised inter-sensory stimulation.
The material object study:
I A sonic context susceptible to being represented by means of notation. This
context is not music, but rather sequenced sounds based on structured intertonal
relationships founded on categorical perceptions allowing for expressive
creativity, intelligibility, relationships, favourable references of communication
with technological means for the processing and understanding of real
II-Graphic patterns corresponding to the notations, or inter-sensory writing, that
constitute the representation of:-The area affected by the effects provoked by the
trajectory o pathway used for the translation or interpretation of the organized
sounds. A kind of notation appears amidst the activity that refers to the vectors or
magnitudes that allude to motivational values, as it is in the previous, yet as
regards to the adequate efficiency for transmitting complex information.
III- General patterns of structured actions composing a set of interests for
cataloguing the conventions for a collective ecological environment benefiting
intervals as well as society.

This new discipline covers a broad depth of situations, within wich we can
discover and resolve concrete explanations and responses, in a pre-textual context,
which result as unquestionably useful for the improvement of a logical approach to interfunctionality.
The focus on these exercises and their products allow us to reach a
balanced stability within influential conditions that encourage the development of
activities and experiences that hope to surpass the pseudo complex media which
currently prevail yet impede going beyond the known or accepted; as well as that of
conventional means for developing understanding and managing of reality.


At the moment ethics are presented within recommendations and indications in
the field and creation of tools for info-programming demanded by the need for
multimedia expression. Each product reveals an aspect of ethical formation and
commitment giving way to new methods of thinking as consequence of the integration of
innovative experiences that broaden the possibilities for new kinds of activities,
production and creative expression.
The axiological criteria result in imposing upon consumer ecological norms:
Decision. Election. Selection. Determination. Definition.
Agreeable, content. Evolving. Simply Open
This creates a necessary transformation simultaneously at multiple levels which brings
forth positive mutations caused by the urgent need for new cultural elements.
Moral arguments are implied throughout the characteristics of the Synlogic
software and are translated by way of its possible applications.

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