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Importance of new forms of manifestation of the dynamic or goal motor . Neogestualidad.

For my part I believe that the instrumentality or behavioral methodology which we speak, certainly does not fit into the framework of current conceptions of character psicofisico or techno.

Regarding synesthesia as a family understand patterns of behavior that is a concept or construct compartmentalize the result of intersensory integration process without taking into account the evolution of neogestualidad, as carriers of complex physical manifestations.

The paths and routes generated by the full autointeractividad of agglomerates referred to the importance of the asensorial or motor goal. This being my view the real stronghold of the dinamic intrinsic.

The ability to access and manage information of new plant, it seems essential to understand the activity and inter-modal experience.

The real goal texture formed by the load or attributes of sound and graphics with their magnitudes manifested in evolved forms of materialization requires contextualization and consistency for display or intelligibility, hence the need to take into account a axiology not spatio-temporal-emotional, but that serves as support and reference to the expansion and transformation DYNAMIC(Support, real substance and material, concrete and precise), required for the determinations, which confers its specific characteristics resulting in efficient interprocess by causing a more productive state of operation that overcomes the limitations of the systems abstract action.

Antonio Brech

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