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Drawing, a fast disappearing art form.

My latest article has recently been published by the Society for Animation Studies, it was also printed in the Melbourne International Animation Festival catalogue which was held a few weeks ago.

It examines important “steps” in the genesis of an image, and it offers avenues to explore to people who either have approached drawing superficially, or only know the “procedural" aspect of digital art.…


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New album on Vimeo: "Mostly with piano(s) (and pianists)"

Here’s a collection of favourite pieces of mine done in collaboration with some remarkable musicians, pianists, yes, but most of them composers as well: Mostly with piano(s) (and pianists)…


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Can (should) Animation reach beyond the “entertainment dependency?”

Here’s my third blog entry at Animation Studies, it has a lot to do with the place of Visual Music (and Experimental/Abstract Animation) in the world of Animation festivals:…


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“Unless it grows out of yourself, no knowledge is really yours, it is only a borrowed plumage.” (D.T. Suzuki)

Here's an article that points to something really basic, too often overlooked: 

"James Ensor, Willem de Kooning, and “Visual Karaoke.”…


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