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The Sardinia Film Festival has selected “Les Folies d’Espagne”, images done to gorgeous music interpreted magnificently by the Janas Trio (Paola Erdas, harpsichord, Lorenzo Cavasanti, recorder, and Alberto Guerrero, cello) (the web version of the movie can be seen here, with more info in the notes as well).
The listing on the festval web site is here.
The screening will take place in Sassari, at the “MARIO SIRONI” FINE ARTS ACADEMY on June 15, 2019.
This piece was done as a practice of real-time processes in preparation for a live concert presented in Trieste in December 2018 with Paola Erdas (more about that concert here), but the music is too good to be visited casually so I had to take it further than expected.
Glad I did!

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