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Mu Vi 2 · International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music.

MuVi2 invites artists, musicians, designers and performers, also professors and university students, to submit proposals of kinetic works to be part of a public exhibition, with performances and discussions. Visual Music exhibition is part of the Third International Congress "Synaesthesia: Science & Art", to be held from the 26th to the 29th of April 2009, Parque de las Ciencias, and "Sala de la Delegación de Cultura de la Diputación de Granada", Spain.

Deadline for submissions: November 30th, 2008 (date of postage).

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El sonido es la expresión comprimida de nuestra comprensión de la realidad representada en términos de comunicación.(Anonimo)
Sonido: Grafismo+Movimiento
Grafismo: Sonido+ Animación
Movimiento: Sonido+Grafismo
Lo importante pudiera ser no lo que ocurre o se suscita, sino aquello a lo que se refiere y remite, el correlato individual y/o colectivo.
The sound is compressed expression of our understanding of reality represented in terms of communication. (Anonymous)
Sound: Graphics + Movement
Graphics: Sound & Animation
Movement: Sound + Graphics
The important thing might not be what is happening or is raised, but what it refers and forwards, and the correlation of individual or collective
It's worth noting that this event requires a 100 € entry fee, the highest I have ever seen.
In all the conferences are paid much more than € 100. MuVi2 is an activity that is included in a scientific congress and recognized by universities collaborating, is an entry to it and to submit your work, like any other research work; be eligible for an award and be in a publication. It is not a contest or exhibition of contemporary art. Most of the vents are much more expensive.
It is aimed at synesthetics artists or teachers who use the concept of Synesthesia in their teaching, both visual and musical, theatrical or even dance. We can not confuse it with any other call where the technology is more rewarding that the scientific study of global perception, as synaesthesia.
/En todos los congresos se paga. MuVi2 es una actividad que está incluida en un congreso científico y reconocido por las universidades que colaboran; es una inscripción al mismo y permite presentar tu trabajo, como cualquier otro trabajo de investigación; poder optar a un premio y estar en una publicación. No es un certamen o exposición de arte contemporáneo. La mayoría de los ongresos son mucho más caros.
No queremos que se confunda con otro tipo de eventos de la misma denominación. Recordar sólo que la primera convocatoria de este tipo se desarrolló en el II Congreso de 2007.
Also you can send works free but, them, you Not be eligible for the prize of 1000 euros. Or attend the conference (with limited seating). If your work is selected, a state with the rest of selected works, but may not be included in the publication of MuVi2. This publication is covered with the inscriptions of the participants.




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