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Of special interest is the examination of the decision on cross-functional value of metariales engines, to be judged as a whole and in the context or frame representing the course of realization itself, to consider.
Effort, asceticism, momentum, climbing, lifting.
Descending, support, decay, cessation, relaxation.
Advance, better continuity, adds, expands.
Short, withdrawal, brake, lack, absence ..
Equidistance, missing, more or less intensity depending on the position and direction or trend.
It is defined by location relative to the quadrant.
Forward: Approach.
Backward: Distancing.

It is, to translate or interpret the meaning of the metagráphics elements according to their position and direction in space (either in a box or the monitor) according to a meta coordinates, which are those of the attached image. Based on the quadrant, the elements on the left would be negative and the positive right, upper more negative and more positive, and lower less negative and less positive.
Example: Pink element would significantly towards creative and optimum to the point of increased productivity and lucidity, which is the upper, right corner. The element of orange, come, close to the point of greatest negativity, seeking balance quickly approaching the center and also positivity, looking venture, and in the right upper quadrant.
Finally, the analysis is done, the complete sequence of the following elements and relationships between elements chains, taking into account their different shades and intensities of color.
The meta reading the work meta graphic should be done at several levels:
-As the sequential execution notation sound.
-Reflecting the visual reference interactions.
-As schemes correlate motor activity.

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