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Drawing, a fast disappearing art form.

My latest article has recently been published by the Society for Animation Studies, it was also printed in the Melbourne International Animation Festival catalogue which was held a few weeks ago.

It examines important “steps” in the genesis of an image, and it offers avenues to explore to people who either have approached drawing superficially, or only know the “procedural" aspect of digital art.

It also touches on an essential distinction beetween two kinds of abstraction: the “fabricated” type (lots of that around), and the one that takes its source in one’s experience of "the real," an abstraction that is revealed when one can "see without knowing” (“what do I see before knowing what it is I am looking at?”).

I will explore those two types of abstraction more in depth in another paper, but for now here’s the one on “Black & white, the most direct way to making the visible visib...

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