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White Noise is a fast-paced work in which the flow of events is constantly disrupted. The title stems both from the use of noise as a means to generate the visual and musical elements, as well as to highlight the color palette in the central section of the piece. With its constantly shifting perspectives and abrupt juxtaposition of elements, White Noise is intended to evoke reflections on the chaos that permeates everyday life.

White Noise was created with Maxon’s Cinema 4D 3D modeling software using a variety of custom processes developed by this author. Among these is the use of parameters drawn from sequences of preexisting bitmap images to deform the geometry of basic primitive objects (i.e., 3D displacement).

The musical score relies on waveshaping, often extreme, as the principal sound generating and processing method. Several custom Ensembles were created for this purpose using Native Instruments Reaktor software.

The overall continuity of the work is governed by the formal design of the music, which was composed in its entirety before the images were created. The abrupt, shifting phrasing in the music guides the flow of events.

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