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Live at The Bedroom 09.23.2013

DIY ELECTRONIC MUSIC: Atari Punk Console with dual monostable and 8 step sequencer

Handmade, Handcraft, Handjob.

Music, video, and performed by Gen Thalz

*This is our realization of the Atari Punk Console (original schematic by Forrest M. Mims III). We modified and circuit bent it by adding one more monostable oscillator. The 8 step sequencer is based on the Baby 10 Analog Step Sequencer schematic, we just reduced it to 8 step and used a simple 555 timer as a clock.

- All the sounds in the video was created/generated by random tweaking, knobbing, hand grounding of this synth.

- Sounds is coming out from the amplifier.

- No special effects, secret techniques, and formula or other traditional instrument was used. Just pure imagination and modulation.

Fact: We really don't know how it sounds like that. We just experimented with the values of other components like resistors and capacitors. This simple synthesizer is not so stable, it sound different every once in a while. Our suspicion is because it is not yet solder, the 9v battery is almost draining, or because it is our first attempt to do something like this. What you just saw and heard is an actual live improvisation with the circuit, very generative and cannot be repeated because it has no specific pattern which knobs and parameters to turn. We just go with the flow of the electricity and frequencies. Also there is a glitch, Knob #1 is not fully functioning.

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