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PHOTOPHONICS 02 - TILT exhibition at Bash Creations Gallery - London, october 2009

Photophonics is the result of the collaboration between Mike Blow and I.

This version of Photophonics is exploring the infinite potential of the visuals aspects of repetitive music.

The inspiration for this sequence is Steve Reich's "Drumming part4". Although the sounds being used are not percussion sounds like in Reich's piece, but more 6o's synthetisers type of sounds.

In repetitive music the arrangements of repetitive loops, building up progressively to an ecstatic dimension, have a very clear geometrical identity. In some ways, you can almost see this geometry just by listening to the music itself. Building a system that plays both sounds and visuals to play repetitive music gives a spatial identity to an "already spatial" music...with your eyes open!

When you watch the video, we suggest that you watch it from beginning to end. Don't fast forward, as like repetitive music, you need to experience the building-up to fully appreciate the sequence.

The installation was shown during the TILT exhibition at Bash Creations Gallery

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