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Noise Music|Feedback Loop|Sound Sculpture ~ Gen Thalz

Strange Noise in the Sky ~ Gen Thalz
[noise music/feedback loop/sound sculpture]

*All parts of this audio-video experiment was created out of feedback signals recorded live.

-The sound is a sculpted feedback signals coming from all the hardware stated below looping and controlling each other, the mixer and the effects pedal is solely the one acting as oscillator or sound/tone generator. There is no external sound sources, all is coming from within the hardware natural hiss, hum, buzz etc. noises. And by patching cables
and arranging every equipment in different ways, the possibilities are endless, almost like a semi-modular synthesizer.
We try to be gentle with outmost care as possible twiddling and manipulating the knob because just a slight of a turn can
change the form, tone, timbre, volume and pitch of the frequencies.


1.Analog Mixer
2.Mini Synth Delay Effects
3.Chorus Stompbox
4.Vibrato Stompbox
5.DIY Feedback Looper

-The visuals is also a feedback signals coming from a camera staring at its-self or by its own monitor creating loop
and a slight delay on its output. The results is very generative and may vary using different types of camera and t.v.,
the equipment we used is stated below. By pointing the camera at different angles and zooming it in or out, it can creates
a vast variety of organic-geometrical-fractal shapes, designs, and patterns as if one is on a wonderland trance-like altered-state visions. We put together here some of the videoclips that we created.


1.SLR Camera

"Sometimes it was enough to barely touch one of the recording or playback potentiometers to develop a sound. It was in this way, i think, that i discovered the pleasure of a work made with the tips of the toes or rather the fingers, and above all in looking for a certain kind of sound." ~ Eliane Radigue [electronic music composer]

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