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Maxwell's Demon [Lowercase/Field Recording/Drone] ~ Gen Thalz

*Please use headphones

This is our attempt to explore the extreme ambient minimalism of Lowercase (music/sound). Lowercase music is a very quiet usually unheard sounds amplify to the extreme level, popularized by Steve Roden (sound/visual artist) where he records the sound of himself handling paper in different ways.

The sample sound we used here is a recording of generative sounds we capture inside one of the car of MRT we ride from Santolan to Cubao station , at exactly 1 O'clock pm. Although these sounds is not literally "lowercase" or unheard but due to the fact that people who rides MRT either listening to mp3s, playing games, reading text/ebook, voice/video call, or simply talking, the noises we collected were ignored - in a broader sense they were unheard consciously.

We processed those sounds to create - that for us a hellish soundscape reflecting the daily basis suffering of MRT commuters. The result is very organic, and the agony of pain on this track is the chattering of people inside the train heavily slowdown.

*For the visuals, basically it was a simple program we coded using Notepad, then exaggerate the code several times, processed the different results, and arrange it manually according to the sounds in a hope to sync them.

As they all says, "this sounds or music does not need a passive ears, but rather requires an active ears...".

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