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L1ghtsc00p by Olga Mink & Roel Verlinden

is an interactive Light Installation, created with LED and multiple sensory devices. By use of infra-red and led-technology, the passenger is capable to 'enlighten' and 'reveal' the laser etchings on the glass to create a trace of light over time. Lightscoop exist of 13 plexiglass panes, one for each step on the stairs. When no activity, Lightscoop is almost transparent, adapting to its environmental aesthetics of the architecture. The light and colors transforms graduadly in different shades, to continually enhance a new sense and mood.

Lightscoop is a project by Olga Mink and Roel Verlinden. The installation is created for PlazaPlus festival, and is exhibited until january 2010.

Engineering by: Didier
Sound: Scanner
Thanks to Marius Watz and Plaza Futura.

ps.We are currently looking for galleries or exhibition spaces to present this work. Feel free to contact me. Related inquiries are welcome too.;-)

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