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i18n [organic/sound texture/breakbeat] ~ Gen Thalz

*please use headphones
This is just another sound design/music concrete experiment that leads into a beat oriented atmospheric way.

Most of the processed found sound here is a sound of birds chirping and rooster cocking nearby that we accidentally captured while recording a sample intended only to pickup the gentle ambient sounds of the morning on a rooftop drinking coffee and turn it into something harsh, dirty, and gritty.

The visual is an actual steady footage of the recordings on the rooftop that undergo through a over-acting processing until the video turns into white, we really want it to be minimal. The grainy, sand, dusty figure that coming to and fro throughout the video is actually our shadow - as we move around the place or pressing the "record" button. As someone see or notice this is really not meant to be sync with the audio.

And the verse at the near end of the video is from our poem/song title "Through the Broken Glass".

"The silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun. ... It doesn't really mean anything. I just liked the sound of it" ~ Morton Subotnick [electronic music composer]

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