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Codon (microsound/granular synthesis) ~ Gen Thalz


*Please use headphones

"Beneath the level of the note lies the realm of sound particles. Each particle is a pinpoint of sound." ~ Curtis Roads (electroacoustic composer/computer programmer)

The idea is to apply the method of granular synthesis but we didn't use any granulator or software synthesis available today. What we do is like a sonic pointillism, we grab a small pieces of sounds (about 3 to 30 milliseconds) out of our chosen sample sounds then clone or combine those sound particles repeatedly to achieve a desire sounds by doing some time and pitch shifting.

Then just like music concrete, we arrange those sounds rhythmically and randomly, time/pitch shift several of it again, and apply some delay and reverb into some of it.

The process is very tedious but overwhelmingly satisfying if you're into sound designs.


- Sound Particles

1.Short porn video clip converted to mp3
2.Recorded sound under the bed at exactly 3am
3.Toy keyboard circuitbent sound

For the visuals, we cut a small part (about 27x15 in dimensions) out of our "Bits and Glitches 3" illustration then tweak it, rotate, rescale, and animate it. The result is very organic and mystic.

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