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LONDON – 6 March 2009 - TronMe ( has decided to create a collection comprising 1000 of the most beautiful examples of visual music AVS for use with the Interactive MP3 Music player TronMe.

AVS visual effects will be free to you as your score advances within the player. This score can be increased by converting your mp3 tracks into interactive mp3 or by getting votes for your performances. If you are lazy, don’t worry, the effects will also be available for you to buy.

Interactivity is the future of music.

TronMe software is a patented multimedia player, developed by 3D Solar, using a proprietary interactive video and interactive music audio format, IVS. It first appeared in the United Kingdom in early 2006.

The TronMe player allows many changes to be made to both the track and video; the different segments of the song; the verse, chorus, bridge, introduction are all broken down and the different instruments used on each track are also separated. Each track is therefore divided into bits and the user takes these building blocks to create their own unique live video mix of the song.

Visual music, sometimes called "colour music", refers to the use of musical structures in visual imagery. It also refers to methods or devices which can translate sounds or music into a related visual presentation.

Advanced Visualization Studio (AVS), is a music visualization plugin for Winamp designed by Justin Frankel, the creator of Winamp. Its highly customizable design allows users to create their own visualization effects or presets. Several art groups of preset authors exist as well: AVSociety and DeviantArt. Some members of the AVS community see AVS as a new art form, a method of free expression through a means not normally associated with art.

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