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Hello all,
Experienced a most wonderfully amazing multi media event last night at
Music by Yo Lo Tengo and Lumia/lightshow by Gary Panter and Joshua White.
Pure analog enjoyment. Orchestrated live with the music. The entire 2+ hour
performance brought the magic of Lumia to an audience of about 500.

The performance combined "dry show elements" color diffraction, flexible
mirrors, hand manipulated fiberoptics, "wet show" elements oils, watercolor,
wind and motion and "electronic show" elements - analog video and digital

While I didn't see the performance from the back of the house, it appeared that
there were at least 12-15 artists playing the materials and light instruments.

Yo Lo Tengo sculpted music from sound creating monumental structures
landscapes and journeys in harmonics, words and feedback. The combination of
the music and light created a truly synaesthetic experience. They brought
Wilfred into the 21st century!

George O Stadnik

I hope that this will become one of many performances -

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