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Los Angeles Abstract Movie Workshop Tonight

Los Angeles Abstract Movie Workshop
meets Friday, July 3, 7:30 pm
for artists to share and discuss with other artists new works and works-in-progress.
Museum of Jurassic Technology
Culver City, CA

The Los Angeles Abstract Movie Workshop is for film and video artists working in abstraction. We meet monthly to encourage and inspire the creation of the Art. Modeled after writers' workshops, it is a time when artists congregate to share new works and works-in-progress, and to discuss goals, techniques, aesthetics and ideas. It is a forum for constructive criticism, so check your egos at the door. Theory is part of what happens at the workshops, but only as it folds into practice. Bold claims must be backed up with action! Each attendee should be engaged in the creation of works. (That's your homework!) If you are not currently making Art... well, maybe the workshop can help you out!

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