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Derick Bordelon is a talented independent rapper on the rise born in San Francisco California Oct 3, 1998 he is the youngest of three children having one older brother and sister.

At the age of five he had already captivated an interest in music and by the age of ten learned how to play the trumpet also joining the band at his elementary school but shortly lived due to housing stability switching homes and schools constantly.
Later by the age of thirteen he followed back into that passion of music, always having a love for hip hop led to his decision that he wanted to be a rapper but at the time had no clue of how or what to do to get into that career field so just kept the dream a secret writing raps in his notebook even making a rap group with one of his friends at the time called "FBC" Fuck Boi Crew.

Later by the age of 14 after moving from L.A. to Nevada he moved out of his mothers to Texas to stay with one of his older cousins due to getting in a lot of trouble outside and at home. After moving he had met another rapper by the name of KOG Devo they became friends and due to him having a studio in his house Derick was able to finally record a couple songs with them being put under alias at the time Derrick Da Goon shortly changed to J1.

After 3 years of being in Texas he decided to move back to California changing his rap name to his real name and after learning more about the field he was getting into started to put out more songs which led into him getting more active doing photo shoots, shooting music videos, producing, along with doing shows even leading up to giving him the chance to open for west coast legend Too Short.


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