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Blarre Bianchi & Iam Christarz - "Too Much Hot Sauce"

BLARRE BIANCHI & IAM CHRISTARZ is a Musician/Band, expressing intense inner states through music. The band was formed in 2019 and the line up includes Blarre Bianchi - rapper, singer, and performer, from Rochester, New York and also lived in California during her life. She is Black Italian and Native Hawaiian ancestry. Also including Iam Christarz - record producer, songwriter, and hypeman from Petal, Mississippi.

Since its formation, the band has had over 100,000 impressions and high retention rate from advertisement reports on Facebook/Instagram and Youtube Ads.

In 2019 BLARRE BIANCHI & IAM CHRISTARZ published an EP/ALBUM, titled “We Swervin”, containing 5 songs. Embark on a journey towards speedway traffic. Explore partying through traffic. Face the behind the wheel of passion. Experience the beautiful ride of the streets. Ride with the artist on their path to self-awareness. Look for yours. The fast and the furious.

Download/Stream "We Swervin":

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