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Inspiration by way of hallogen

Tonight White Noise and I got together to work on some upcoming show details and to work with some new content/feeds. I have been working with some Quartz Composer DV integration that will allow video feeds, filtered in different ways and textured, to be sound reactive based on the feed from either a band's sound board or DJ feed. For bands this allows us to isolate sound from different portions of the stage dependent upon what we chose to highlight and how it will react to the music as we can pull feeds from the FOH (front of house/sound guy), and patch them through our 14 channel sound board that is used to control the intensity of the effects within the dv feeds. Sound I took to creating a colorized, non-specific background to utilize as a video "bass track" while White Noise mixed content on top. With all three layers fully controllable we achieved the desired effect and through rehearsal we found how powerful the effects actually were.

So that was the fun. Now we get to the prep. A pitch is due this week for a project we plan on doing with MOCA in San Diego. The theme is one that we will hold tight to the coat for now but will be blogging about later as we get closer the project. So with a couple of Stellas in hand and random conversation tossed about with the occasional "no man, that is pretentious" - we were able to get our theme and rough sketch-up done. Now we have to draft up the proposal and send it in. From there we will create our project outline and start putting things together.

Lastly we worked on a project to built a low-cost, portable and highly versatile projection screen that will allow VJs to quickly setup and run their rigs on the go with very little impact on the venue's space. Our concept is being sketched but our plan is to develop projection surfaces that VJs can take with them without the need for costly transportation fees. This means keeping it within the weight limits airlines set on second bags and also making sure the product is durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel.

With that I will take my leave. Lots on the plate with a few new Transfer shows being added to the year. Hollywood, San Diego and possibly SXSW (still working out the details).

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