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items to report to the Ning developers:


...the search apparently doesn't search text boxes.
...the chat is unstable. especially if you're using a private chat room.
...if you hit the 'clear messages' button by mistake, there's no way to 'undo'
...the profiles should have a URL attribute for member's websites, or network creators should be able to add attributes. the directory of the "sent" mailbox, the "who" field is an obscure code rather than the recipient's name
..."Events" page displays "Upcoming Events" but there is no button for "All Events."  Past events can only be seen via a "previous" button that only appears after selecting a set of events with a certain tag.
...uploaded a file to an event description. Name of file appears as a link in the description, but the link is inactive.
...the 'invite to join group' function asks for an email for *non-network* members.  should be an easy way to invite members of the network to join a group.
...videos embeded from google or vimeo do not show thumbnails.
...bug: in a text box, a <br> tag inside a table cel doesn't "stick" i.e. it appears after first edit, but reverts after subsequent edits.
...member management, invitee list: can't sort, can't separate joined members.


...could use a wiki-like page that any member could edit

Last updated by Larry Cuba Oct 5, 2008.



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