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Dear all,

my name is Leo Cardoso and I'm a graduate student in Ethnomusicology at the University of Texas at Austin.
My Masters thesis will focus on visual music from a sociological/anthropological point of view.

I'd like to undertake a 2-month fieldwork (June-August 2009) in some place directly connected with visual music. The idea is to experience/understand how an institution (or more than one) promotes visual music, and how visual music is learned/taught.

Would you have any suggestion for a potential place for fieldwork within the US (I've already emailed the CVM and the iota center)?



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If you find yourself in Southern California (where the iota Center and CVM are), I would be happy to meet with you. I teach what seems to be one of the few courses devoted to visual music.
Hola Leo:
I supposed that you speak Spanish. My name is Aitana Kasulin. I’m an argentine composer and at this time I’m working on a Masters thesis about visual music too. I think that could be interesting keep the contact. The point of view of my thesis is based in the relationships between internet and the visual music.




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