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Call for Works 2013-14

Second Annual Fresh Minds Festival

Texas A&M University

Submissions due: September 1, 2013. Click here for submission form

Performance: September 2014.  Watch for the finalized date.

Texas A&M University invites fixed media works of visual music or other non-narrative fine art animation, video, or film in which the sound/music and visuals play equally important roles in the work, for a presentation on the Texas A&M University campus called the Fresh Minds Festival. The event will be mass curated by hundreds of TAMU students learning the elements of visual and musical design with the goal of presenting a program of works that are engaging and rewarding to curious newcomer audiences. This is an event filling the gap between “for experts only” and “people’s choice” type events. Last year, 380 students co-curated the festival, and we plan to open the opportunity to even more students this year. Each year’s evaluation cycle is launched with the screening of the previous year’s finalists.

A faculty panel will use the students’ evaluations of submitted works to shape a program, award up to $5,000 in prizes to the highest-rated among them, and arrange to fund campus visits by up to three selected artists for direct interactions with students. Creators of selected works are encouraged but not required to attend the event. Multiple entries will be accepted. There is no entry fee.

Due to the large number of students participating in the selection process, works will reviewed in stereo on student-owned equipment, delivered via an internet links for evaluation. Works selected for the event will be presented in full quality with up to 5.1 channels of audio.

Submissions due 12:00 A.M. September 1, 2013. Finalists will be notified by May 15, 2014 (following the two semester-long student evaluation period). The concert presentation will be in September 2014 to kick off the next evaluation cycle. Watch for the finalized date.

Eligibility: All artists are encouraged to submit work, including professionals and students, except for artists currently employed or enrolled at TAMU, works created while employed or enrolled at TAMU, or works selected as finalists in previous years. Works earning honorable mention in previous years will be accepted.

Duration: 4-12 minutes

Online submissions. Complete the form linked below to submit a URL to your video work accessible via the world wide web. The video player at the URL you provide must be immediately visible at this link, without requiring logins or searching a list of videos. We recommend that you use a standardized video site like YouTube or Vimeo. You may make your video “unlisted” or protect it with a passcode if desired. Avoid less common formats, as technical issues may impede our curators’ ability to evaluate your submission. If your work is selected for performance, you must deliver a full quality video file by August 1, 2014.

Click here for submission form

Direct inquiries to: freshminds at

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