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Our next iotaSalon will be held on Thursday April 8th, 2010

The theme for our next iotaSalon is 'Visualizing the Body and Biology.' We will be investigating the ways in which different experimental artists use biology as aesthetic themes in their work. How does the inherently concrete human form fit into abstract art? How is the body broken down, abstracted and reinterpreted to explore emotional or spiritual concepts? In what ways do biological concepts inform or interact with experimental visual media?

Please consider sending us a copy of your recent pieces if
you haven't already. Alternatively, if you have already submitted work that you feel we
should consider for this salon, or if you have any questions about submitting work, please feel free to contact jeremy@iotacenter. org.

For DVD submissions, please send to:

The iotaCenter
10401-106 Venice Blvd. #330
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Additionally, please send an email to with:
1. your name, and contact information
2. The title, date, and running time for the work
3. Please tell us that you intend this for the iotaSalon.
for more information, please check our our submission guidelines:

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