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Dear all,
Thank you to Noel and Larry for creating this great project. And hello to all, it is nice to be together here.
Here I am posting my travelling plans for Nov./Dec:
I will come to Boston (and area) from 15. Nov - 25. Nov. and to Los Angeles from 26. Nov. - 5. December this year, bringing with me my new films and the lecture "Fractals in Nature". I will announce the detailed schedule and informations in October. It will be great to get together, attend events, share visual music. I hope to hear from you, see you there and here. Thank you.

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Liebe Bärbel,

Welcome to the Village and thanks for giving birth to our first Punto y Raya discussion! It's great to know you'll be touring Boston and L.A. with your "Fractals in Nature", congratulations. I will be in L.A. in those dates too! So certainly, let's get together and share plenty of visual music ;) I'll post my details as soon as they're confirmed.
Anybody else will be around Edmonton, Vancouver, Montevideo, Seattle or L.A. on the dates of Punto y Raya's screenings?
All info is published in EVENTS and in our website Just in case, a quick review:

October 28th · Emily Carr University (Vancouver)
November 1st & 2nd · Metro Cinema (Edmonton)
November 7th-16th · Espacio Cultural SUBTE (Montevideo)
November 13th · North West FilmForum (Seattle)

Caixa Forum (Lleida, Catalunya) · October (i don't have the exact dates yet)
Caixa Forum (Palma de Mallorca) · December

thanks to iota center (Larry and Stephanie are lending us a huge hand to coordinate our Canadian and U.S tour) we're also working on a possible screening in L.A in December. I'll get back to you all on that soon.

Cheers and till soon,




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