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Two works by Stephen Nachmanovitch

excerpt from the DVD materials:

Theater Games
"In June of 2005 I taught a workshop called "Gibberish, the Universal Language" in Seattle, as part of Unexpected Productions' Seattle International Festival of Improv. When several months later, the video arrived, I was inspired to play with this material and make an art piece of it. I took the 12 hours of video and sped them up to 10 minutes, rendered the fuzzy outlines into lollipop colors, and then added a score of electronic string music."

Taming the Mind Ox
"I composed an earlier version of Taming the Mind Ox in 1985 for a retrospective of my visual music pieces at the UCLA music department. That piece required two slide projectors, a dissolve unit and a multitrack reel-to-reel tape. Twenty years later, this subject is still compelling to me, and I wanted a fresh approach. This is a new version with new music, for violin and viola. The video is composed directly on the computer. The pictures [in this film] represent stages on the path of a spiritual journey to the mastery of one's mind-heart (shin). At the beginning, the young man is lost, looking everywhere for the essence of this mind-heart, and suddenly he finds himself chasing and wrestling with a wild ox or bull. Taming that wild, irrational, powerful creature, becoming one with it-- changing and being changed-- finding a still point in the midst of the hubbub of life-- is a lifelong effort and adventure."

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