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The UNXposed mailing list, while originally for visual artists form the London area, contains many posts from members regarding calls for works/residencies and other such opportunities.

With the focus being upon experimental film rather than audio-visual or visual music works not all mail may be relevant but then why should we miss out on any opportunity for exposure!

To join the group you need to create (or already own) a Yahoo account. Then you'll need to find the group on Yahoo groups (or follow this link
After you have joined you can automatically get the email messages directed to your usual email address and start finding out about opportunities to get your work out there.

I hope you'll find this useful


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Following up on this here is a call I received the other day:

International Call for Audiovisual Works

RULES (short version)

* Submission deadline: November 1st 2008.
* *New*: it is compulsory to include the registration number on the envelope, case and medium.
* Public screenings of selected wors: on March 2009 – Sevilla.
* Remuneration for public communication for the selected works: Sección Oficial (150€), Videoteca (50€).
* Maximum duration: 30 minutes
* *New*: One work per author.
* *New*: Theme; Six establishing subjects: Narrative experimentation; Free Culture, archive, remix; Politics, commitment with reality; Education and communication; Machines and souls: cyberculture; Otherness.


* *New*; Premio Metrópolis (La 2 TVE).
* *New*; Honourable Mentions.
* Prize for the best andalusian work to produce a new project.
* International DVDEMOS which will contain the best videos from the Official Section.
* Meeting of audiovisual creators.


* Complete rules:
* PFD:
* Submission / Registration:

Submit your videos!


It certainly is! Thanks for the tip, Andrew!




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