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::: New releases on Lightrhythm Visuals ::: Autumn 2008 :::

lightrhythm visuals presents

Notations02 - Audiovisual Compilation Album / view pdf / preview video / screenshot gallery
Koob's - by Shantell Martin / view pdf / preview video / screenshot gallery

On November 20, 2008 Lightrhythm Visuals label is to release two new albums; available for $24.99 at selected music and DVD retailers globally and online.

“…turning points in visual culture”Tokyo Design Magazine

"...excepional collection of culturally versed visual compositions" Japan Times

Notations02 Synopsis

Top VJs and Designers unite to produce this year’s most diverse visual arts release, “Notations02”

Notations 02 – a cultural mixing ground for some of this years most affluent light based artists - produced by visual label Lightrhythm, this album celebrates all that’s modern and vibrant in visuals and VJ design. Set against a rich soundscapes by established musicians all in all about 30 artists involved (even in gender and spanning 5 continents) have been curated together to form a consistent, inspirational collection of audiovisual works. - more

includes work by V2labs, Scott Pagano, VJ Culture, IUA, CTRL, Ben Sheppee, Labmeta, Olga Mink.

Koob's Synopsis

Worldwide Top 10 VJ and Illustrator Shantell Martin Releases First DVD Collection of Remixable Videos, KOOB’S

Martin was last year voted among the world’s top 10 VJs by DJ Magazine and has become a much sought-after performer in Tokyo, London and New York. The DVD features a diverse collection of short videos that demonstrate Martin’s playful inventiveness with both the concept and tools of drawing. Each video is backed by an audio track produced exclusively for KOOB’S by a range of DJs and musicians and is accompanied by its own special guest VJ remix. Multi-angle programming allows viewers to interact for a “home VJ experience” by switching between the original tracks and their remixes in real time. - more

For media / sample copies for review - please contact -

Thankyou to all those who made these albums possible

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