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Sense of belonging
The desire for social bonds and connection with others, is the theme for these art works.
This is the state I am in now. Striving to relate and care for others and to feel a satisfying involvement with a learning community.
In a sense it is a topic related to “Home” another theme I explored in 1995. Home then and now. To which one feels accepted, respected and supported by others in the school of social environment. A place with regular contact, and stability. Without it one feels isolated alienated and loneliness.
The colours are symbolic and represent a new phase. The overlays of the exhibition “home” over new art works represent two mid streams. The one of contentment the other, sadness and isolation.
They are mixed media – pastel and photography overlays.
The stills are part of a video by this name and also expressed my love for the African Bush.
Arlene Rabinowitz 2019

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