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"Not a biggie!" as Jules would say ... with this piece I send
gentle thoughts for a dear soul and mentor. March 2009 marks the beginning of Jules Engel's 100th Birthday year. He died in 2003 at ninety-four after having just completed a suite of eleven lithographs; a master artist and mentor for over three generations of students.

I created this little digital film for cellphone distribution. It is without screen titles (yet) but I am the experimental animation artist-digital photographer-filmmaker and Brian Evans is the collaborating composer/arranger of the sound track. This little digital film falls into the genre of 'visual music' l i t e r a l l y : the software took "visual slices" of my photographic images and assigned value/hue, ranging from black to white, to assign a value/hue of sound to approximate the visuals. The timing of the visual images determined the timing of the sound. (Pixilation is integral to the elegy/shot while artist in resident, Creative Alliance at the Patterson Theater.)

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