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Last June (2021), I listened to a concert broadcasted on Musiq3 (I owe many great music discoveries to that Belgian radio), a concert presented by Vassilena Serafimova (marimba) and Thomas Enhco (piano).
One of the pieces they performed was J.S. Bach's Chaconne, but a Chaconne “revisited,” and magnificently so at that!
I did a quick sketch with/for/from/to that music, uploaded it to a private page, and sent the link to both Vassilena and Thomas.
I never received a sign of life from them, to my great chagrin.
So I set that piece aside and tried to carry on “as usual,” but that music would not let go of me.
It felt like a hole in my being, forcing me to eventually visit it again until I had done enough with/for/to it to feel that the doing was a genuine gain, a gift, and that whether or not it was going to be well received by others, especially its musicians, was secondary.
I do however hope that Vassilena and Thomas will receive this sketch as a sincere tribute to their fabulous work.
So here’s that sketch, which I called “Chaconne Revisited” for two reasons: first reason is the beautiful way Vassilena and Thomas indeed revisited the Chaconne, the second reason being that I had done the original Chaconne already 11 years ago, with my friend Anyango Yarbo-Davenport (that version is here:
Am now very glad I indulged, though I am not sure I had the choice…

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Thank you

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