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As a visual music artist making animations as well as printable/frameable stills, I am beginning to distinguish between camera-, scanner-, and video-based photography. This third genre potential comprises the former two since you can begin an animation with a camera- and/or scanner-based image. My focus is on the third category. I would like to show that there is aesthetic photography potential in animation stills.

While I welcome the "liberation of the image from the frame" in visual music, I think that showing quality stills is a worthwhile endeavor, especially if the images can be shown together with the animations from which they stem.

As a member of one of the oldest visual art colonies in the USA, called Rocky Neck Art colony, in Gloucester, MA, USA, I am curating a show of "animation stills" of high photographic quality in the beginning of 2014. Examples of what I am looking for are seen at However, my own images are to be taken as examples, not models for what to submit.

Once you let me know that you are interested in sending me jpgs (and later prints, to be framed locally), I will keep you in the loop for this adventure.


Please write to as well as


Many thanks,



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