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JordanLivinGood’s real name is Jordan Galbreth. He’s an independent artist located in Austin, Texas, and he’s a songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. JordanLivinGood started making music at the age of 10 but started taking his career serious at the age of 21. The way Jordan got into music was his cousin was making music in his room, so Jordan asked his cousin, “Can I make some songs?”, as a joke. By which his cousin said “Sure!”. So Jordan used his cousin’s home studio to record his first mixtape, and he’s been he’s in love with music ever since.

Check out his new EP "The SP Tapes" below:

JordanLivinGood's first single, "All Night", was written at 3 am about his reoccurring sleep paralysis. When he's asleep, he would hear someone knock on his door, and then open immediately afterward. He would turn his head to the left, and he would see a white spirit coming into his room. The spirit would start staring at him; then jump on him, and start strangling him till he would wake up up gasping for air. Because of this; he started taking sleep pills, and that helped him stay asleep at night, but he started to get addicted to the pills. So, he had to stop taking the pills, and then the white spirit started coming all over again.



His second hit single off "The SP Tapes" is called "Superwoman", which express his life to the woman that's in his life. JordanLivinGood says, "She always supported my music career, and she comes and my house and also cooks for me. The reason I named song Superwoman because this type of woman is what a lot of men dream, and want in their life."


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