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I just received the DVD "Evacuation" produced by W+K Studio Tokyo. The composer/musician is Jemapur. The pack comes as 1 CD of music only plus 1 DVD of 4 Music Videos.
This is the best VM DVD I have seen for a very long time. It really is very elegant design and very professional. I highly recommend it.
Max Hattler did one of the 4 clips.
Available from Amazon under "Jemapur Evacuation"
In the following website there are 4 short trailers as a preview of the DVD.

Robert Russet's new book "Hyperanimation" is available, also from Amazon. I have ordered a copy but it will take another 2 months before delivery. He deals with new developments in Animation, especially technical developments like interactivity and animation in installations. I am not familiar with the exact content of this book but he is the co-author (with Cecile Starr) of the well-known but now rather out of date book "Experimental Animation". This is probably a valuable book for those media artists looking for new artistic/technical directions.

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Comment by bbattey on December 11, 2008 at 11:33am
Robert, thanks for sharing these with us!


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