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There’s something brewing near the waters of the “Mighty Mississippi” in the Bluff City.”
There’s a Hip Hop artist in Memphis taking the industry by storm and his fans are loving every second of it. His name is Balla Bellee. He’s a young charismatic rapper with a dynamic flow, wild antics, and polished appeal.
With records that can shake any night club speakers at its peak, he has his sights set on more chart topping reviews. Balla Bellee of MoneyVultureEnt. was born and raised in North Memphis, TN,(a rough neighborhood) and he vowed to embrace his upbringing and adversity and use it to inspire others through his music by sharing his story in a fun way. By doing this, he creates a certain magic which captivates fans. He mixes real life experiences with flare and awe to captivate his supporters. He’s on the rise for sure. He already has one breakout SMASH single “Slurpy” that’s already buzzing in the streets, blazing airways-making way for his highly anticipated mixtape in 2020.
“30Day30Nights” which holds features from several notable industry artists as well as fellow label artist TiggerDaDon. CeoChadWatson, (manager) said “He’s definitely ‘got it’ and you can definitely feel the authenticity in his music.” Let’s all stand up on our feet and welcome hip hop newest underclassman!
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