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B. Myerss is a local artist to Charlotte NC. He grew up in a small town just a little bit down the road called Indian Trail where he still lives to this day. He holds many hats in this town right now from a bump cap under cars all day at the local lube shop, to valeting cars and delivering hungry folks their pizza. B. Myerss also does Murder Mysteries for the American Immersion Theatre when he can find the time. B is a member of the Chisum family and his family and his friends are the main reason why he "goes so hard" as others would say. He is the younger of two brothers and says he was blessed enough to grow up with both parents throughout his life. B went to a local high school for Theatre where he quickly made a splash as one of the heavier hitters when he touched the stage and he still has not let that fire burn out. From the east coast to the west coast all the way back to the east B. Myerss definitely has a testimony to tell and stories to share. He is the New American Bad Boy, Next Door.


Ig: bmyerssmusic
Facebook: brennendaggumchisum
Snapchat: bcunderscore94
Twitter: bmyerss_11

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